We'll turn your project into a living, breathing masterpiece.

Whether you need a sophisticated custom application or a straightforward informational site, we cater to all of your needs. We offer complete web solutions with backend functionalities like CRM, ERP, business process automation, database integration and ecommerce web development.

Our experienced team of cutting-edge developers and administrators will turn your project into a living, breathing masterpiece.

Our Process


We understand your needs your target market and your competitors.


Our creative team will compile a series of visually stunning concepts for your review and approval.


Once a creative concept is approved, our team of cutting-edge development experts start building your project.


After a very thorough testing and your approval, your project is launched. We offer Free 90 days support for all post-launch questions.

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Why Us?

Mobile App Development

Trying to develop an iOS app or an Android app by itself means doing everything twice. SRMCO has become the market frontrunner in the field of mobile app development. We are the leading app development agency that offers best-in-class app development services.

Front/Backend Development

Whereas back-end developers create the architecture upon which sites are built, front-end developers concern themselves what the user actually sees—the HTML5, the CSS3, PHP, the JavaScript, or jQuery. In addition to their work in custom code or WordPress, front-end developers keep everything upfront tidy, neat, and bug-free, ensuring that everything displays correctly on a variety of different platforms, browsers, and devices.

Saas Application Development

At SRMCO, we are providing SaaS (Software as an application) app solutions for the last ten years because SaaS is a reliable cloud-based data platform. It supports the subscription model for the utilization of data instead of direct payment and booking engines to manage businesses like salons, clinics, or hospitals.

WordPress Development

WordPress is at the heart of every content-based site we create, offering custom experiences that are remarkably easy to adapt. As a content management system, or CMS, it’s wonderfully intuitive, enabling clients to modify their content long after launch. Work with dynamic WordPress developers at SRMCO and get the most unique, robust, competent, and interactive WordPress solutions, ensuring the finest quality at your service.

E-Commerce Development

We build great e-commerce sites that draw users in and boost clients’ sales—all while keeping everyone’s data safe. Prestashop, OpenCart & Magento are our platforms of choice, allowing us to implement custom components as well as advanced analytics and SEO. Clear metrics, data, and analytics leave no room for doubt, enabling our clients to position themselves strategically and adapt to growth.

AngularJS development

AngularJS reaps maximum advantage when used for front end development. It can be the best choice if you want to create applications somewhat similar to Google Analytics, Gmail, Real-Time Applications, and many others. Being robust and speedy in process, AngularJS is truly a developer’s delight. Our seasoned AngularJS developers have their expertise in creating beautiful user interfaces, which in turn, result in highly interactive and dynamic websites.

NodeJS Development

Node makes code smart. Rather than stitching together each plugin, developers can select plugins from Node’s library and use its package manager to install only what’s a need. This consolidates code and gets all of the JavaScript into one file. We use PHP based server-side framework called CodeIgniter or YII2, & offers a robust selection of features and tools for designing the foundations for API-based app development.

Open Source Development

Customized open source environments like WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, android app development, etc... which we create, enable companies to design and deliver web and app performances that they always wanted. With our experienced web and app developers who know open source inside out, we deploy many projects ranging from strategy implantation to maintenance.

React.js & React Native

React is a framework that’s built on top of JavaScript, offering developers shared tools to build highly complex, high-performance user interfaces and scalable web applications. React Native uses the React framework but allows for work on mobile apps. The amazing thing is: When you write a single app to React Native, you end up with both an iOS app and an Android app. It’s our native app technology of choice.

Data Visualization

There’s nothing quite like a punchy visual to synthesize complex amounts of data. A chart can encapsulate everything from buying trends to survey results, presenting in one elegant image what would otherwise take reams of words to convey. We’ve done data visualization work for numerous clients, bringing order and clarity to what could otherwise be unwieldy and overwhelming. Great web designers should aim for no less.

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